How B2B Companies Leverage The Power Of Linkedin

How B2B Companies Leverage The Power Of Linkedin

As per an e-book published by Linkedin, 85% of B2B marketing leads from social media come through Linkedin. Almost 97% of B2B marketers use this platform for content marketing. Undoubtedly Linkedin can be called the goldmine for B2B companies. From influencers to experienced decision-makers, anyone you would ever want to target can be easily found on Linkedin. It is one of the most-used platforms and is also listed in Fortune 500 companies.

In this article, we will share 5 best practices of B2B companies by which they do the best use of Linkedin.

On Linkedin, Video Marketing Works:-

Linkedin stats show that users spent more time watching videos than viewing static content. Thus, it is believed that videos are one of the most effective types of content format that helps B2B companies in improving their Linkedin marketing strategy. With the help of video content, they can also promote their products and services.

Some of the best practices of video posting are:-

  • You can also utilize softer content showcasing your workplace-related videos, Which will help in gaining a strong user base.

Maintaining consistency in posts:-

Here are few things a B2B brand must keep in mind:-

  • Keep a close eye on post engagements on the Linkedin analytics tab and increase or decrease the frequency of posts based on the monthly results.
  • Use content suggestion tabs on your company page to create relevant and vital posts on trending topics.
  • Do thorough research on day and time, depending upon your company’s targeted location.
  • Create a social media calendar for Linkedin and make the best use of the same for better results

Use Linkedin’s content aggregator platform — Pulse:-

  • Identify the members of your organization with a writing disposition.
  • Publish consistently to build up momentum.
  • Creating a post-publication calendar at the start of the month.

Use of relevant Hashtags:-

  • Use relevant hashtags in your posts, this makes it easier for the audience is searching for the same topic to find your content.
  • 3–4 hashtags are good enough for a Linkedin post. They should be short, easy, and relevant.

Focus on quality rather than quantity:-

Here are some tips to maintain the quality of the posts:-

  • Appealing content formats such as carousels, GIFs, and short videos help in getting the right attraction and user base.
  • Make sure that the posted content isn’t too sales-oriented or promotional.

Final words:-

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